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Dos And Donts – While Developing Website

As a website development professional working for several years at Sharda Aligarh – 202001 formally known as Sharda International Aligarh – 202001 India, a group of website designers and developers at Aligarh 202001, I’ve dealt with quite a few entrepreneurs who are planning to assemble a website ie for his or her eCommerce trade, politician, news channel, recreation group in India or Outside India, Personal Identity, sportsperson like cricket, soccer / football, tennis, shooting etc. Most of them are, naturally, impractical about how the process works and how much point in time and effort they will have to put into it. Most people who are not a part of IT / Information Technology feel that website design and development is fun, creative processes or just like a walk in a park. But they cannot be farther from the truth.

List of do’s and don’t

While creativity and fun are a part of developing websites, hard work, logic, analysis, testing like all know software testing website is very important and crucial part and planning are more important and is pervasive in nature in all organizations. Are you an entrepreneur or website designer or website developer or mobile apps developer of iphone, windows based phone or any other device involved in the process of developing a website for your business? Here is a simple list of do’s and don’ts that will make your life simpler.

1) Find out how extended. Maybe, you have hired a website designer and/or developer and he tells you that it would take twenty days to develop your website or web application responsive! After twenty days, only half of the website work is completed (because you were unable to supply information or resources to the developer!) and your schedule will go haywire! If you have hired a website development company, make them promise that they have the track record of delivering on time.

2) Know what you desire about website or web app you want. Research before you plunge into the process. Make a list of websites that you like, tell the website developer why you like them all and you need a website or why you require a website or web presence. Also, know what you expect the website or web aap or mobile phone aap to do for you. Tell your website developers and designers definitely what effect you want to create a website through your website.

Never hesitate in result-oriented discussions with your website developer.As such, a number of processes are used where the most effective and economical process is identified after discussion.

3) Be geared up for arguments and repetition. Unless you are the only person in your organization or company, you will realize that there are many conflicts of belief between your and other members of your company about how the website should look and responsive also and function. Be ready to discuss issues and know that sometimes you won’t be able to arrive at an agreement. Make one person responsible for the website project and let her take the final decision.

Keep away yourself from at All Costs please take care of it!

1) Don’t try to rush through it. Many businessmen are inclined to start with a lot of hoax, but lose interest after some time and want to just be done with it. If you research properly and get the right person for the job, such a situation will not arise. But, things may drag on and this can cause frustration to us for several reasons, which in turn may hurt the effectiveness of your website.


2) Don’t build assumptions; or construct on half truth give all information clearly to the designers in black and white literally with paper and pencil. For instance, if you are a publishing company and want all the content on the website to be perfect in terms of spelling, vague meaning words or double meaning words, grammar and punctuation, you will need to give the text the developers. They will simple paste it. There are several places on a website (buttons, banners, navigation menus, footer, etc.) where web developers simply fill out the information themselves. You’d have to give them clear instruction to ensure perfection.

Don’t negotiation on quality for economical rates. Getting a good deal is never a bad idea, but remembers that if you throw bananas, you get monkeys. Find good designers and developers.

They may charge more money but will help you build a quality website or web apps or mobile aap. And you will save a lot of running hours – experienced professionals put effort faster with minimum reiterations.

To wrap it up at the end

To conclude at the end, entrepreneurs should …

For entrepreneurs and all concerned persons who want to take pleasure in the process of website development, it is important to invest time and effort at right time with right peoples for right purpose at right place. If you do not want to play a hands-on role in website development process term or tenure this website, the best plan is to hire professionals website developers who are excellent at what they do.